One of the West End’s largest theatres, the Apollo Victoria Theatre has a seating capacity of 2,304 split across the Stalls and Circle. Decorated in a lavish Art Deco style, both the interior and exterior of the Apollo Victoria reflects Wicked’s emerald green city of Oz.


The Stalls is a vast section that spans from Row A to Row ZF, resembling the concert-like Stalls of the Dominion Theatre. Split into several blocks of seating by various aisles, there are excellent views on offer throughout for a range of budgets. Views towards the rear of the Stalls are rarely obstructed by the Circle overhang, offering good, clear views of the entire stage, although action may feel distant at times. Premium seats are located in the centre-front sections of the Stalls. Those looking for a cheaper price should seek seats in Row Q and back or seats towards the ends of rows, which are discounted but still offer good views. Legroom throughout this section is excellent.


Similarly to the Stalls, the Circle offers excellent views across the board. A slight downside is that the seating can feel slightly distant from the stage, but the spectacular nature of Wicked means this is not a huge problem. The Circle offers a large price difference in ticket prices, with front-centre seats being more expensive than the rest. Bargain tickets can be found in the rear of the Circle seating, still offering a great overall view of the stage, if slightly far away. Legroom in this section is very good.

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Have you seen Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre? Did you manage to land a bargain seat with a better view than expected or did you splash out on top price tickets in the front row? Share your seating tips with others by using the comments box below!


  1. I am from the states and visited in November 1987. I wanted to see Starlight Express but it had been sold out for months. The first day arriving in London, I went straight to the box office and picked up some returned tickets for that same evening. I returned to my hotel “The Charles Dickens Hotel” near Lancaster Gate tube station, took a nap and returned that evening. Scored seat B37 on the aisle, 2 rows from the track on the upper level. Was amazed how they could do this! Loved the show and bought the album of the original cast! Beautiful Theatre. I hope to return again someday!

    1. Sitting in b38 after buying obstructed view ticket for tonight’s wicked performance. Was worried I might have made a mistake but after seeing this I’m encouraged. Thanks!

  2. This is a very nicely laid out theatre. We saw Wicked in November 2015, and the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. I suffer occasionally from anxiety attacks, and on this particular evening I had to have a 10 minute breather by the doors half way through the show. I explained to the enquiring staff, and they were very understanding – to the point of offering me a seat where they keep an eye on theatre, for the rest of the performance. I declined, but I felt that they really couldn’t have done more to make me feel relaxed and comfortable, and I was very touched that they tried their best to enable me to see as much of the show as I could, in comfort.

  3. Would just like to say a huge thank you to Julie who made sure all my access needs were met, the show was fantastic, access seats were excellent.

  4. Our family came to see Wicked yesterday evening with my husband on his mobility scooter.
    From the moment we arrived at the theatre door, the staff were very pleasant and willing to help us in any way that they could from the platform lift used to get his scooter into the theatre, to storage for it during the show, being taken by Marty to our seats and informed about a steward nearby if we had any problems and the in seat bar ordering. On our return to the foyer after the show, my husbands scooter was ready for him and the lift was waiting to assist him to pavement level.
    We have nothing but praise for these kind and helpful members, you do a great job ,thank you!!

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