Apollo Victoria Theatre

Hit musical Wicked has entertained audiences at the Apollo Victoria Theatre since 2006 and continues to dazzle the West End.

Currently showcasing hit musical Wicked, the Apollo Victoria Theatre has a heritage dating back to 1929, when it opened as a state-of-the-art cinema, commissioned by Provincial Cinematograph Theatres (PCT) to accommodate the growing popularity of ‘talking pictures’. Designed by architect Ernest Walmsley Lewis, the theatre is in an Art Deco style that is now decorated to reflect the glittering Emerald City. Upon its official opening in 1930, the Gaumont British News charmingly called the theatre interior ‘a fairy cavern under the sea, or a mermaid’s dream of heaven’. Known as the New Victoria Cinema, the building was renowned as a place to watch film, big band and variety performances, all within walking distance of the bustling Victoria station.

Apollo Victoria TheatrePast Shows

In 1975, the building was refurbished and reopened as the New Victoria Theatre, shifting its focus on to more musical content. A concert celebrated the new opening, starring Dame Shirley Bassey as the headline act. In following years, the the theatre hosted a series of well-loved musicals in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, including Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music and Camelot, before becoming the venue for the premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s revolutionary new musical Starlight Express. The interior of the auditorium was completely redesigned for the production, with race tracks running through the audience and modifications to incorporate a split-level roller-skating rink.

Starlight Express proved to be a huge success, playing at the theatre for an amazing 18 years before finally closing in 2002 to make way for another Lloyd Webber musical, the Bollywood-inspired Bombay Dreams. A R Rahman’s production ran for 2 successful years before ending in 2004, after which the classic Saturday Night Fever played for a brief time, followed by the Billy Joel musical Movin’ Out. In February 2006, Wicked moved into the theatre, opening in September to rapturous praise and overwhelming commercial success. Wicked continues to be a hugely popular hit, showing little signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future.

Access and Facilities:

  • A cloakroom is available
  • There are bars on both levels
  • There are male and female toilets located on both levels
  • Wheelchair access is available on the Circle level


  1. Hi there
    I am planning a visit to London in April 2016 and was wondering what shows will be on then or,if they are not scheduled yet, when I can find out what shows will be on.

    Many thanks

  2. I just wanted to say that Wicked has had a profound impact on my life. So much so that we named our daughter Elphie – born in May this year 🙂

  3. I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to a member of staff “Michael’ who looked after myself and my husband when we visited the theatre on 22nd February 2016, we are both visually impaired and Michael made our visit very easy and welcoming, he ensured that we got to our seats, that we knew where the toilets were, offered to help us in any way he could. Michael came to check we were ok at the interval and showed us where we would exit the theatre at the end of the show, also offered to come back and assist us if we needed him..

    I enjoyed the show but I will always remember more the lengths that Michael went to for us that night, if there were only more people like Michael, THANK YOU

  4. Thank you to everyone for making the Autism friendly performance on Saturday 14th May such a memorable experience. The theatre staff were exceptionally welcoming, caring and helpful. From the very beginning of the performance when we were welcomed at the beginning by Elphaba to this spectactular special performance, it truly was a wonderful experience for the Autistic children, adults, and their families friends and carers.
    This was my grandson Ethans first West End show and he loved it. he was even lucky enough to meet and have his photo taken with most of the cast, at the stage door after the show. They were all so nice and kind and had obviously enjoyed this special show themeselves, many saying it was one of the nicest responses they had got from an audience, it was a shame the three witches were unable to come to the stage door and say hello, especially as there was only a few of us waiting and many of the youngsters were dressed up.
    Anyway I hope the theatre saw this as a successful event that could be repeated not only at this venue but others in the West End whether run by ATG or not.
    Once again many, many thanks for a great day.

  5. Hi, I am going to watch Wicked in August and was wondering if I would be allowed to bring in my own drinks and snacks?

  6. Would just like to say a huge thank you to member of FoH staff – Roisin who dealt with our complaint at the interval on Saturday 23 July. She was very quick and efficient in dealing with the issue to ensure we at least enjoyed the second half a fantastic show! Thank you Roisin, hope you make Employee Of the Week!

  7. Coming to theatre to watch wicked with children but will have a family suitcase as train to catch after performance
    Can this be left in cloakroom

  8. My wife took our two daughters and I to see Wicked. I was dreading it as I have a lack of mobility, but upon arriving at our seats, a gentleman by the name of Michael introduced himself and said that if there was anything he could help with give him a shout.
    He was a true saint and genuinely nice guy, he just didn’t mind going over and above to make the visit a memorable one. THANK YOU Michael and thank you the Apollo Victoria for a truly wonderful day.
    The musical was fantastic. Really recommend this to anyone.

  9. Hi, I am travelling down with my daughter next week as she has to go into Great Ormond Street. I’m hoping we will be able to go and see Wicked before her op. Can you advise where would be best for us to sit as my daughter is quite small and have had some really disappointing nights in various theatres over the years due to yet not being able to see.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Leigh,

      Thanks for your message. The Apollo Victoria offers excellent seating throughout and a clear view of the stage is guaranteed from all areas of the theatre. It would be best to sit in the front sections of the Stalls for the best overall view of the stage.

  10. We saw the production of Wicked today (15th October) and just wanted to say what a wonderful performance it was. I wanted to pass on my praise for one of the staff members who was dealing with a couple sat behind us on row C. The couple were complaining about the audios for visually impaired people. However were very rude to the staff member. We couldn’t help but over hear everything. Your staff member dealt with things exceptionally. First class customer service. People are far to quick to complain these days so we thought it would be nice to feedback the positive customer service we saw in action.

  11. My friends and I are interested in booking a box instead of just normal seats, as part of birthday treat to ourselves! I couldn’t see how to book a box on standard ticket sites, do you have them?

  12. Hi I am coming to see wicked next week but need to get the train afterwards so will have a big rucksack. Can it go in the cloakroom and if so will it be locked away. Thanks

  13. Would just like to say a huge thank you to Julie who made sure all my access needs were met, the show was fantastic, access seats were excellent

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